40 Winks – Monotape Mix


Another 40 Winks mix. This time for Monotape.

“Antwerp based instrumental hip hop group 40 Winks hits us with an exclusive guest mix. They hit the scene about 5 years ago with a slew of laidback beats. Eager to share their sound with the world, they released a couple of albums independently. The attention received from these records allowed them to build links with people and record labels from around the world. One of these independently released albums, More Than Loops, was reissued in Japan on Swamp Records”

“From then on the ball kept rolling. On their first worldwide release, Extended Pleasure on Escapism Records (2005), they reached listeners well beyond the (instrumental) hip hop community with the song “melancholia”. After appearances on compilations, like Weapons of Hope on Little-D (2006), they got a chance to do their thing on the renowned label, Merck Records with Sound Puzzle (2007). All these exotic international adventures led them back to Europe, where the German based Project Mooncircle welcomed them with a spot on the compilation Heart on the right spot (2007). 40 Winks released their latest album on Project Mooncircle, called The Lucid Effect.”

40 Winks – highwaves
Manuvers – coke and smile
Quasimoto – goodmorning sunshine (instrumental)
Epstein – tape 1
Company Flow – population control (instrumental)
Erykah Badu – twinkle
The Roots – untitled
Jimi Hendrix – EFC
J Dilla – shouts (alt) (instrumental)
Mos Def – fake bonanza
Dimlite – the blessing song (remix)
Daft Punk – emotion
Phohat – sunny days part 2
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – kaneda
Ammoncontact – healing vibrations
I.N.T. – just don’t stop
Pooh – stagione di vento
Space Art – eyes shade
Flying Lotus – melt
Julien Jouga – rythmes
Deben Bhattacharya – sarangi and tabla (rupak tala)
Artie Shaw – nightmare