Padmo’ – Change The Channel


Here’s another treat as part of my 40 Winks megapost tonight. This time ’round, it’s Padmo’s turn to impress. Meatskull strongly recommended.

Change The Channel is a short, fun audio excursion into tv land. 30+ Beats guide you through different channels, each channel representing a different vibe.

01. adjust your signal (intro)
02. zap I (post-intro)
03. viewer warning (post-post-intro)
04. zap II (interlude)

the nature documentary channel
05. amazon stroll
06. savanna picnic
07. bird watch
08. greenhouse effect

24h-breaking-news channel
09. news flash
10. first contact televised

11. zap III (interlude)

fashion channel
12. cat walk strut
13. glitter & glamour

the dating channel
14. introducing the bachelerettes
15. the flirt game
16. ménage à trois

the oldies channel
17. dramarama
18. blaxploited

the spiritual channel
19. god’s day off
20. journey to self

21. zap IV (interlude)

scary movie channel
22. welcome to the paranormal
23. the haunted
24. ghost spell

25. zap V (interlude)

xxx – all nite
26. kiss-n-tell
27. jammy aerobic / pimp training
28. adult phone entertainment

29. switching off (couch potato meditation)