Crooklyn Classics presents We Got Gunz Mixtape


Been digging through some old bookmarks and found this banger from Crooklyn’s Classics. A rant against the gun culture in America and a reflection of it’s infiltration into hip hop.

America is mutha f”in “GUN CRAZY”….in last week this so called “great nation” of ours has been has been plagued by gun violence. V-Tech & NASA have made world headlines,our inner cities have been closing schools left & right due to threats of copy cat Columbine High School violence. Just last week in Rochester NY(my hometown)a 14 year old boy was shot in the head walking home from his grandmothers house. Sebastian Telfair of the Boston Celtics just got busted AGAIN on the Bronx river Parkway for holdin heat. This shit is nothing new, it’s almost like we have become immune to this crap. It shows in our music also…. So here i present to you the “We Got Gunz” mixtape. Stop the shootin’ Suckaz! – Crooklyn

1. Onyx – Throw Ya Gunz (Live In NYC)
2. Organized Konfusion – Stray Bullet
3. EPMD/Das EFX – Cummin At Cha
4. Public Enemy – My Uzi Weighs A Ton
5. Boggie Down Productions – 9mm Goes Bang
6. Sean Price/Jus Allah – Gunz
7. Nas – Shoot Em Up
8. Spice One – Triggas Got No Heart
9. Da Lynch mob – Freedom Got An AK
10. Cypress Hill – Shoot Em Up
11. Brand Nubian – Pass The Gat
12. Gang Starr – Tonz O Gunz
13. Nas – I Gave You Power
14. El Da Sence – Gun Blast
15. The Lox – Bust Yo Gun
16. Dre – Nigga Wit A Gun
17. Ruff Riders – We Bust Our Guns
18. Biggy & Cam’ron – Gun Talk
19. Smiff-N-Wessun – Gunn Talk
20. Pharohe Monch – Gun Draws
21. Cassidy – Aim 4 Da Head
22. MOP & Gang starr – We got guns