DJ Mitsu – 28 Roses Mixtape


Great mix set….also,ya gotta love this translation blurb!

“This time raw JAZZ one-shot MIX! Japan is proud up-to-date Mix CD of TOP DJ/CREATOR DJ Mitsu the Beats which release! It is stuffed closely to CD size every nook and cranny! Delightfully are shy these 28 Roses of concept title. In other words fan eager waiting and fender rose special! Itself the beginning you do not ram down raw Jazz being only, this work which it forms not to become, only the enormous record collection revere Jazz, one-shot REC! It is hot, feeling you can hear well even in painful this season! It is optimum to also the present!”

Ahhh, attack of the Japanese and their exlamation marks! Don’t run – it’s just a press review piped through an online translator. I don’t think I could’ve really put it any better; these roses make one weak, so to speak… As for the rest, there is a list!

01 DJ Mitsu – Introses
02 Crusaders – Lilies of a Nile
03 Marcos Resende & Index – Corsarios
04 Monty Alexander – Let’s Stay Together
05 Michael Longo – Ocean of His Might
06 Cannonball Adderley – High Fly
07 Bule Mitchell – Melody to Thelma
08 Gary Bartz – Winding Roads
09 Alan Hawkshaw – Beach Journy
10 Greg Hatza – Astral Quest
11 Ramsey Lewis – Sun Goddess
12 Jorge Dalto – I’ve Got You on My Mind
13 James Moody – Stefanie
14 Elvin Jones – Moon Dance
15 Erik van der Wurff – ?
16 Deodato – Speak Low
17 Ahmad Jamal – Ghetto Child
18 Gene Ammons – Brasswind
19 Catalyst – New-Found Truth
20 The Al Gafa Quintet – Affirmation
21 Catalyst – Got to Be There
22 O’donel Levy – We’ve Only Just Begun
23 Ceasar Frazier – Sweet Children
24 Merl Saunders – Bahia
25 Michel Sardaby – Welcome New Warmth
26 Ju-Par Universal – Time
27 The Harold Danko Quartet ft. Gregory Herber – When She Smiles
28 Hilton Felton – A Man for All Reasons