Jneiro Jarel (Dr. Who Dat?) – Mix on BTS Radio


Meatskull brings you another gem from the archives, this time ’round it’s the futuristic, cosmic dust beats of Dr.Who Dat?. Hey, seems he was hip to Hud Mo’ years ago!

Capital Peoples – Endless Vines (Label Who)
J Dilla – Unknown Beat (CDR)
Hudson Mo – The Harvest (CDR)
Dr. Who Dat? – Pharcyde Interview/Miles Away (Lex/Label Who)
Shape of Broad Minds – There 4 Me (Lex/Label Who)
Jneiro Jarel- NASA (Instrumental) (Ropeadope/KS/Label Who)
Dr. Who Dat? – Viberian Twilight (Lex/Label Who)
Stacy Epps – Loose Change (CDR)
NSM feat Dr. Who Dat? – Mumbo Jumbo (IG Remix) (Jazzy Sport)
Shape of Broad Minds – So Much Chaos Outro (Lex/Label Who)
Shape of Broad Minds- Beast From Da East (Lex/Label Who)
DKD – Brighter Day Feat. Capital Peoples (Dr. Who Dat? Remix) (CDR)
Platnum – Crush On You (Dr. Who Dat? Remix) (Sonar Kollectiv)
Dr. Who Dat – Horny Toad / Flying Lotus Freestyle (WHODAT Radio)
Capital Peoples – Weigh (Label Who)
Dr. Who Dat- JB vs JJ 2 (WHODAT Radio)
Dr. Who Dat and Jneiro Jarel – Coco Loco (Label Who/CDR)
Dr. Who Dat Feat. Shape of Broad Minds – Uprising (Lex/Label Who)
Dr. Sci – The Experiment (Label Who)
Kiva Feat. Jneiro Jarel – Blended Rat (Adios Babylon)
Kiva – Degrees of Freedom (Adios Babylon)
Dr. Who Dat – Deep Blaque (Lex/Label Who)
Capital Peoples – Love Continues (Label Who)
Distant Starr – Venom (CDR)
Dr. Sci – Expose U (Label Who)