Ju Par Universal Orchestra – Moods & Grooves


One for the beatheads with this fantastic jazz/funk/soul/disco monster from the 70s.

Johnny Trunk had this to say about it:
It’s been a long while since I listened to funk, and this is the first funky LP I’ve come across in ages that I really dig baby. It’s late ’74 and comes from the Detroit 8 mile district. It grooves beautifully in a slightly kitsch pre-disco fashion which I do like, it has a BIG LOVE number, a heavy funk number and best of all a killer McNair style cut called Flute Salad which I wish I’d thought of as a name for a track.

And here’s a review from Dusty Groove:
One of THE indie soul treasures of the 70s — a wickedly funky record that blends together jazz, soul, and club — and which stands out with a sound that’s all its own! You may well know the tag “moods and grooves” — as the record’s had an influence on countless scenes, and has been referenced by many artists over the years. But nothing beats this original set, a sublime batch of electric grooves performed by a core combo of electric keys, bass, and congas — augmented by sweetened strings and some occasional chorus vocals — bad-stepping around the grooves in a mostly-instrumental mode that rivals (if not betters) some of the best funky soundtrack work of the decade!

1.Funky Music
2.Beauty & The Beast
4.Chicago Calypso
1.Mocha Velvet
2.Is Anyone Listening?
3.Flute Salad
4.Gotta Get Away