Meatskull Presents NO END – The Songs Of Sandy Denny


Sandy Denny should be as revered as Nick Drake as a folk artist. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before somebody uses one of her heartbreaking tunes in the pivotal scene of a runnaway indie flick, causing everyone to sit up and take notice the way they have with Drake over the past 5 years or so. Time will tell.

For the uninitiated, Sandy Denny was a key mover in the folk rock scene in 1960’s/70’s Britain, first apearing with The Strawbs, then with the mighty Fairport Convention before going solo (all the while maintaining ties with her former bandmates on many of her own projects).

Her voice is that of pure spun silk, strong and clear with a fragility and a maturity that ascends her years. I have made a one hour mix of some of her finest moments with the afore mentioned groups and as a solo artist, sometimes accompanied by her Australian husband Steve Lucas. Sandy passed away in the late 70’s, but her legacy and a great body of music remains.

I hope you enjoy this selection of her tunes, as I feel they have been criminally overlooked and need a fresh audience.

autopsy (BBC session w/Fairport Convention)
reno nevada (BBC session w/Fairport Convention)
milk & honey
next time around (alternate take)
it’ll take a long time (demo)
it’ll take a long time (studio’72)
i don’t know where i stand (BBC session w/Fairport Convention)
at the end of the day (alternate take)
blues run the game
and you need me (with The Strawbs)
quiet joys of brotherhood
like an old fashioned waltz
who knows where the time goes (BBC session)