DJ Spinbad – 90’s Megamix


Thanks to The Big O for giving me the heads up on this mix from one of the best party rockin’ beat jugglers ever to step up from the plate, DJ Spinbad. A 90’s mix with a real difference hosted over at the always wonderful Pipomixes.

“You’ve got to respect Spinbad for this one right here. What’s the big deal about another 90’s mix? You ask. Well, what separates this 90’s mix from the other 5 million 90’s mixes out there is that this mix doesn’t have any hip hop. That’s right, no Tribe, no De La, no Biggie, no Pete Rock, no Primo, none of that. Instead, you get the Spin Doctors, Sublime, Marky Mark, and C&C Music Factory. And, you’ll like it! Trust me, you’ll love the mix the same way you love your favorite reality show. It won’t be something you’re proud of, it won’t be anything you’ll tell your friends about, but you love it all the same. Afterall, MTV wouldn’t be airing season 47 of Real World if nobody was watching.” – Pipomixes