Zamboni Soundtracks – Wasteland Radio Broadcast


From the mysterious and wonderful world of Zamboni, comes this treat that takes the mix that extra step further.

“It’s a little bit different than just a bunch of mp3s in a zip file. I used this laptop, a shortwave radio (not to be confused with samples of shortwave that I also used), a turntable, a bass amp with a condenser mic, all fed into a sampler that functioned as an effects box and mixer, which was then fed into the desktop.

The whole thing is two live takes cut together, at one point running a song out of an amp to catch the natural reverb while mixing it on the fly with a bitcrushed drone of a shortwave radio playing a ballroom song.

Anyway, the theme was a mix of Cold War Civil Defense-era vibe and 80s post-apocalyptic movie “driving” themes. I didn’t write any of the music.” – Ian Cognito

Music sources include: 801, robert fripp & brian eno, shortwave spy numbers broadcasts from the conet project, the caretaker, aphex twin, sons of the pioneers, laurie anderson, world war ii era bbc radio broadcasts, nine inch nails, throbbing gristle, coil, györgy ligeti, arvo pärt, gary numan, john carpenter & alan howarth, the rockets, uncredited us civil defense broadcasts, brad feidel, secret chiefs 3, vangelis, cliff martinez, sounds of icbm launches and atomic bomb tests, grouper, tom lehrer