HRDM – Dance Ze Dance


Some great 80’s productions from the USA’s Ze label via Nightclubbing Mixes. I can only imagine the club scene at the time these tunes came out was freaky deaky!

“I took my favorite songs from the Ze Records Mutant Disco double cd and compiled them into a single disc, plus added the John Luongo 12” remix of The Coconuts If I Only Had A Brain (special thanks to PULSE for providing this!) – some of the most innovative dance music ever!” – Haunted Roller Disco Museum

01 Material/Nona Hendryx – Bustin’ Out
02 Was (Not Was) – Wheel Me Out
03 Cristina – Drive My Car
04 Gichy Dan – Cowboys And Gangsters
05 Don Armando’s 2nd Ave Rumba Band – Deputy Of Love
06 Coati Mundi – (Que Pasa) Me No Pop I
07 Kid Creole And The Coconuts – I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby
08 Cristina – Disco Clone
09 Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
10 The Coconuts – If I Only Had A Brain
11 Cristina – Blame It On Disco
12 Kid Creole And The CocoNuts – Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy
13 Was (Not Was) – Out Come The Freaks

LINK Part 1
LINK part 2