Mr.Fab – Get The Funk Out, Punk (WeirdFunk USA)


Another gem of a compilation from Music For Maniacs, this time ’round it’s the funky side of punk he explores. Or is that the punky side of funk? You be the judge…

“Here’s a CDs worth of mutated funk for New Wave dance floors. Apart from legends like Black Randy and the commercially successful Waitresses, I don’t know much about some of these obscurities – click on the artist name for whatever link I could find. But it’s all rude, raucous funky fun, uninhibited, full of life…” – Mr.Fab

1. Black Randy & The Metrosquad – Barefootin’ On The Wicket Picket
2. Funktionairies – Kiss My Funky pt 1
3. The Waitresses – Wait Here, I’ll Be Right Back (Son of Comb)
4. Lotus Lame and the Lame Flames – Bad Sex
5. Animal Things – Wanna Buy Some
6. Carmaig DeForest – Crack’s No Worse Then The Fascist Threat
7. Baby Buddha – Then I Sleep
8. Funkapolitan – As The Time Goes By
9. The Soul Dads – Youre Fat (And I Like It)
10. Fela Johnson – They Call Me Fela
11. The Offs – Everyone’s a Bigot
12. Cambridge Apostles – Cant Fight The Feeling
13. No Y Z – X Machine
14. Black Randy & The Metrosquad – Say It Loud — I’m Black And I’m Proud
15. Rand Kennedy – Enorma Jones
16. John Sex – Bump And Grind It (Extended Mix)
17. Funktionairies – Kiss My Funky pt 2