Edan the Humble Magnificent – 1st Radio Show


A new radio show fans of one of thr most innovative and talented persons in hip hop, the man Edan. If you’ve not heard Edan’s music, be sure to check it out, and check this lil’ show for some jams that rock his world (and hopefully yours too!)

“Sup y’all…I’ve started up my own radio show.

In the age of technology we can do these things now. I’ve recorded the first installment. It was more like a loose test run to see how shit felt and i was cool with it, so i decided to put it out there.

For now, i’ll be doing the show when i feel like it. Once my website gets re-vamped (should be around august/september), i’ll be doing a new show every week and posting it exclusively on the site.

Hopefully, the show will improve as time goes on…With drops, guest hosts…The whole nine. So check out this first installment…

Two hours of hi-brow//lo-fi entertainment!

Get back to me and let me know if y’all liked it or whatever… As always, thanks for listening.” –Edan