Matt Walsh – Process Part 123


A great mix for the head and feet from Mr.Matt Walsh.

“As a DJ and Producer I find it very hard to fit myself into a specific “genre”. I have always admired people who can fit themselves into different genres without overstepping the “mash up” borderline…

I also believe strongly that a night of music doesn’t always have to be a constant level and tempo. In an ideal world, the mix I have put together would be suited pretty late in the morning. After 4am when only every now and then there is a desire to maybe feel the need to raise your hands.

Although this mix is pretty strictly techno orientated, I have tried to find a middle ground between beard central and all out hands aloft. Some tracks are new, some are not, some are fillers and some are anthems but all of which I love. It includes a few of my favourite dance music producers (Kiki, Robag, Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlback) and all of which have their own style and sound but can easily be played in a set that is considered house, techno, tech house and even disco.” – Matt Walsh via Modyfier

Marco Corola – The Tribe
Douglas Greed/ Einzelkind – La Belle
And.Id – Acapulco
Tomski/Fredboy – The Tickel Song (Falko’s Trip Tickel Mix)
Pole – Achterbahn (Frivolous Remix)
Chelonis R Jones – Rehabilitation (Daschund Remix)
Hobo – Failsafe
Hibern-8 – Wood and Stone
Fred Hush, Noseda – In The Dark
Nhar – Don’t Forget to Lick
Heartthrob – Baby Kate (Jesper Dahlback & Adam Beyer Remix)
Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlback – As If Dubs
Thomas Muller & Okain – I Tele You Bo
Emerson Todd – Say My Name
Butch – Dark Fader
Guy Gerber – Guilty Pleasure
Rennie Foster – Devil’s Water (Kiki’s Superdub)
Royksopp – Beautiful Day Without You (Robag Whruhme Remix)