Talking Shopcast 02: SoulTek (Echospace)


Another corker from the Talking Shopcast series, this time ’round it’s an Echospace presentation, taking in deep dubby sounds, techno and IDM tweaks along the way. Highly Recommended!

Intrusion w/Paul St. Hilaire, “Angel Version” [echospace [detroit]]
Rhythm & Sound, “Mango Walk” [Rhythm & Sound]
Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman, “Ruff Way” (Afefe Iku remix) [white label]
DeepChord, “Electromagnetic Dowsing” (Mike Huckaby remix) [S Y N T H]
Substance, “Relish” (Shed remix) [Scion Versions]
Pelon, “No Stunts” [Chain Reaction]
0cv313, Unreleased track from live PA at Smart Bar, Chicago [echospace [detroit]]
Intrusion “LostSequence” [echospace [detroit], unreleased]
Phase90, “ShiftSequence” [echospace [detroit], unreleased test press]
Maurizio, “M5″ (side a) [Maurizio]
Maurizio, “M5″ (side b) [Maurizio]
Rhythm & Sound w/Cornell Campbell, “King In My Empire” [Burial Mix]
Maurizio, “M5″ (side a loops and effects) [Maurizio]
Rhythm & Sound “See Mi Yah” (Basic Reshape) [Burial Mix]
Model 500, “Starlight” [Metroplex]
Sons Of The Dragon, “The Journey” [Sons Of The Dragon]
Rod Modell & Michael Mantra, “Vitamin K” [Hypnos]
Variant, “The Setting Sun” [echospace [detroit]]
This Mortal Coil, “The Lacemaker” [4AD]