Soundsurfer – Outlines Mix


Nice deep and rolling set from Soundsurfer.

There has been written so much about the state of deeper/atmospheric Drum & Bass over the last few years, it’s difficult to find a space in between where you can truly say that there’s a spot inside that very genre which appeals to both the dancefloor and coffee-table listeners. Major players moved away from said sound, new talents showed up.

The allround vibes of leading labels that used to push this type of sound have faded, and in comes a new and more widely-spread spectrum of techno-influenced, atmospheric soundscapes that not only touch the minds of afternoon chill-out crews but ravekids alike. So where’s the problem, one might ask. Simple things: big-name labels refuse to push this kind of sound, due to the fear of not selling enough records, and therefore resorting to release mediocre Drum and Bass that they think everyone will love and everyone is happy to pick up.

Time to move away from that way of thinking. Open your mind for new vibes…And listen to music that will make your feet move, while at the same time let your mind wander into spheres it never ventured before.

This is what I present to you. Next-level atmospherics with rolling basslines, sounds that step away from blueprint Drum and Bass. From classic chill to tougher neuro, you will find it all in my sets.” – Soundsurfer

LM1 – Within the 9 dimensions [Human Soul Recordings]
Naibu – Generic Generation [Avalanche Recordings]
Orange & Blue – Saffron [Cadence]
Furney & Locksmith – Wake up Mr. Red [Camino Blue]
Cestah – Avoid troubles [Absys]
ICR – Somebody Else [Influence Records]
Command Strange – Time [Human Soul Recordings]
Aural Imbalance – Insertion Point (Modemellow rmx) [Camino Blue]
Matizz – Through my eyes (Future Engineers rmx) [Camino Blue]
LM1 feat. Jett – Tomorrow [dub]
Method One – Yesterday’s dust [Vibez]
Mista – Can you fly [Dispatch]
ASC – Pegasus 77 [Covert Operations]
Dementia & NME Click – Always on my mind [Basswerk]
Method One – Northstar [Levitated]
Electrosoul System – See the light [Camino Blue]
Well Being – Smoke Signal [Fokuz]