Purdy – Bubble Puppy & Friends

Bubble Puppy

Here’s an example of how to make an interesting, inspired and down right funky (in the true sense of the word) mixtape. Take it away Purdy!

“The story of this mix is as thus: Over many many years the name Bubble Puppy (a Texan group from the later 60’s) has popped up again and again in books and in liner notes from records, referring to a Bubble Puppy sound. I became more and more obsessed to hear Bubble Puppy. I had an English cover of Bubble Puppy’s ‘Hot smoke & sassafras’ and tracks that were supposed to have a Bubble Puppy sound. I started creating a compilation of what I thought the feeling of Bubble Puppy might be, not allowing much analysis, in a sort of grab and snatch style.

I had years ago been warned off getting the italian vinyl version of Bubble Puppy’s ‘A gathering of promises’ because of its poor quality. I then learned, much to my excitement that Sundazed Records had reissued the album, it was then that I knew, I was finally going to hear Bubble Puppy. But that wasn’t really gonna happen too soon as, supposedly, the label had sold out and there was no copies for poor old Australia, and me. So I waited and waited and waited till one day it arrived! and I bought it and raced home and put it on and cranked it. It was damn good! Different to how I expected, with its luscious Love / Moby Grape type vocals and dirty proto-metal intros, I was thrown a bit, but then I started picking up the nifty cymbal & guitar flurries, the eccentric, sharp and very hip twists and turns that does give you knowledge of the Bubble Puppy Sound. ‘A gathering of promises’ is a masterpiece of the highest order which has grown on me and all over me. can’t get the bloody tunes out of my head. Once I had let the album sink in I was able to choose some tracks to contribute to the ‘Bubble Puppy & Friends’ mix you are now holding.
Here’s the track listing – Enjoy”. – Purdy

1. Mu speaks
2. Bubble Puppy – Hurry sundown
3. Nick Lowe – I love the sound of breaking glass
4. Specials – International jet set
5. Joe Meek – Dripcots space boat
6. Dragons – Sandman
7. Steely Dan – Through with buzz
8. Peter Ivers – Deborah
9. Orange Juice – Felicity
10. Bubble Puppy – Hot smoke & sassafras
11. Todd Rundgren – Intro / Breathless
12. John Barry – Florida fantasy
13. F. Zappa & friends – Bun
14. Meat Puppets – Mothers milk
15. Talking Heads – Warning sign
16. Stark Reality – Shooting stars
17. Bubble Puppy – I’ve got to reach you
18. A440 – Torture
19. Devo – Shrivel up
20. Beach Boys – Passing by
21. Bubble Puppy – Todd’s tune
22. Kevin Spacey
23. Joe Meek – Blue men.