Fritz von Runte – Renegade Boys/Beasties Soundwave


According to Fritz Von Runte, this artifact came about thusly…

“In 1990 two US firemen were sent to Iraq. One of them was into rap music, particulary Beastie Boys. The other, 2 years older, used to listen to british bands like 808 State, Primal Scream and Renegade Soundwave. Both were killed in action, and their belongings appeared in this Fire Department in NYC. Five brave firemen got the tapes that were inside the package and paid them some respect…”

Get the album (including the cover art and an extra track) via torrent-like clients.

...or get them individually:
01. Introducing The Last Fire Fighters
02. Body Shakin’
03. Just A Nightmare
04. So What Porn You Want
05. Pass’em Out!
06. Brr Siren
07. Super Disco Mash-up
08. Three The Wax Way
09. Underground Lifestyles
10. Sure Sex
11. Bubbatrouble
12. Turntable Rump
13. Root Jam
14. We Got The Thunder
15. Wo-Women Respond to Boys
16. Stop That Priest
17. Lookin’ Down The Black Eyed Boy