Oldominion – Zero Mixtape

Emerging from the gray skies and emerald pines of The Pacific Northwest comes Oldominion. The next phase of groundbreaking music from the cities of Seattle, Washington and Portland, OR. These are the pioneers of what will inevitably be recognized in hip-hop circles as The Northwest Sound.

With musical influences running the gamut from Nirvana to Axelrod to The Doors to Pharoahe Monch to Company Flow. This sovereign artistic collective has been creating unique hip-hop songs that are both innovative and accessible, without ever having to go outside their crew for production, vocal talent or artwork. This is a plug & play quality hip-hop assembly line.

The Oldominion Family consists of over 20 emcees, artists and producers. Within their membership are the groups Boom Bap Project, NORMAN, Grayskul, and Sirens Echo. Solo projects are in continual release from it’s vast memebership, such as Onry, Anaxagorus, Pale Soul, Snafu, Mako, Barfly, Azrael, Sleep and NyQwil to name a few..

“This is Zero. It was supposed to come out after One, and before Negative One and a Half, but it ended up as a free download on our label’s website. It’s called Zero because these songs were oldies by the time One came out. Thus the strange, non-sequential numbering system.” – The Oldiminion Crew

1. Intro
2. Eight Arms (Onry, JFK, Smoke, Destro, Bishop I, Sleep, Whraggz &Pale Soul)
3. Quicksand (Destro, Snafu & Nyqwil)
4. Frozen (Sleep, JFK, Snafu, Smoke, Destro & Onry)
5. Rapture (Akil & Pale Soul)
6. Four Horsemen (Nyqwil, Onry, Destro, Bishop I, Anaxagorus, JFK, Smoke & Syndel)
7. A Thief In The Night (Pale Soul & Sleep)
8. The Areas (Onry, Anaxagorus & Destro)
9. Final Chapter (Foralax, Pale Soul, Myth, L’sewhere, Sleep, Bishop I, Smoke, Onry & Syndel)
10. No Pain (Onry & JFK)
11. Hendrix (Onry, JFK, Foralax & Bishop I)
12. Miss Loreta Lorraine (Onry, Bishop I, Sleep & Smoke)
13. Interlude
14. Replacement Killers (Onry, Bishop I, Pale, JFK & Sleep)
15. Consequences (Snafu, Sleep, Destro, Pale, Nyqwil & Onry)
16. Manifest Destiny (Onry, Snafu, Smoke, Destro, Bishop I, Sleep, Peli & Becky)