Pink Frost – I Heat Animals


Here’s a mix from the elusive Pink Frost coming from deepest darkest Tempe. Threatening for a good while now, he’s finally come through with the goods on this piece of aural candy entitled “I Heat Animals”. A lovely one take mix – all vinyl, no eq, no pitch control…just great tunes you won’t find anywhere else in the world programmed thusly. Go Pinky!

Susumu Yokota & Rothko : Sentiero
Higamos Hogamos : Infinity Plus One [The Emperor Machine Dub Instrumental]
The Black Ghosts : I Want Nothing [Vincent Markowski’s Wokalny Dub Mix]
Mercury Rev : Senses On Fire [Fujiya & Miyagi Remix]
Cage & Aviary : Friday 14th (Part 1 & 2)
Kango’s Stein Massive : Lettbeint Liten Sak [Bjørn Torske’s Nyredisco Miks]
Bjørn Torske : Kan Jeg Slippe?
John Sangster : Raindrops
Mobbeats : Bending The Spoon
Oni Ayhun : OAR001-B
Magnétophone : Kel’s Vintage Thought [Outhud Remix]


(cover art by Meatskull)