Neural – Totem

totem art

Proving his passion for beats keeps on keeping on, Neural hits the skins and the decks for a mix featuring some of the best proponents of drum programming and abstract, heavy hitting grooves around.

1.   Deckard ‘is this the end?’
2.   Martyn ‘natural selection (Flying Lotus cleanse remix)’
3.   Lukid ‘chord’
4.   Burial & Four Tet ‘wolf cub’
5.   Martyn feat. Spaceape ‘is this insanity?’
6.   Mr Cooper ‘what else there is part 08’
7.   Glen Porter ‘um’
8.   Two Fingers ‘moth rhythm’
9.   LV ‘dream cargo’
10. Kode9 ‘black sun’
11. Jamie Vex’d ‘saturn’
12. Flying Lotus ‘roberta flack (Martyn’s heart beat mix)’
13. Joker ’80’s’
14. Gravious ‘vultures’
15. Kode9 ‘2 far gone’
16. King Cannibal ‘flower of flesh and blood’