Stuart Buchanan presents Discontent Mixtape 2


Stu Buchanan sends out some new vibrations on his latest mixtape to coincide with his lil’ spot on the inter-nut.

The Discontent Mixtape series is an irregular series of compilations, designed to give blog readers an extreme intro into the Discontent world – a collection of tracks that have appeared on the blog in recent times. For this, the second volume, I’ve included a few tracks that didn’t quite make their way from hard drive to blog, and so are included here for the first time (Mutamassik remix, Ras G, Psychic Ills, Xiao He and Entertainment For The Brain Dead).

All the tracks have been published freely online by artists or labels, so feel free to post the link or distribute the mixtape. If you do, please also link back to

Discontent – Mixtape Two | rapidshare download

1. White – Build A Link [China]
2. Three Trapped Tigers – 1 [England]
3. These Are Powers – Life of Birds [U.S.]
4. Mutamassik – Commo The Rag (Claws Costeau’s All Dirty Remix) [Egypt]
5. Kid606 – Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare [Venezuela]
6. Ras G – Shinelight [U.S.]
7. Psychic Ills – Fingernail Tea [U.S.]
8. Underlapper – Meanderthal (Cleptoclectics Remix) [Australia]
9. Lloop – Lei-tzu [U.S.]
10. Vorad Fils – Android Creche [Australia]
11. Growing – Green Flag [U.S.]
12. Cauto – Despertar [Spain]
13. Xiao He – After Time [China]
14. Entertainment For The Brain Dead – What You Get (Part Timer Remix) [Germany]