Daru presents Rusic Leaks (2009)


Always one to keep his loyal following’s appetites well fed, Daru is back with yet another exclusive promo download. This time its a sampler he’s calling Rusic Leaks – made up of different odds & ends including unreleased remixes, collaborations & demos. Along with his different duo counterparts (Ab, Reggie B and Rena), the collection also features new works with Muhsinah, Joy Jones, Reign Star w/ Tony Ozier, Byron The Aquarius, and more.

Rusic Leaks serves as a preview of things to come, as Daru will be dropping the 2009 edition of his Spirit & Soul Sampler series later on this year. Its almost meant to hold fans over while Daru is on tour in Europe all summer – first with Idle Warship (Talib Kweli, Res & Graph Nobel) and then later with Black Milk.

01. Muhsinah – Gogh Part 2
02. DJ Supa C – The D
03. Muhsinah – Once Again/Yet Again Part 2
04. Byron The Aquarius – Repetitive (Over Da Button Pusha Beats)
05. AB & Daru feat. 13 – Name Part 2
06. Reign Star feat. Tony Ozier – Plan A
07. Daru & Rena – When You’re There ‘97-’98
08. Joy Jones – The Joy (Drop It Mix)
09. Belove – Paint Brush Fingers (Revisited)
10. Daru & Reggie B. – Future Music Part 2
11. Jamara – Biggest, Baddest Part 2
12. Ab & Daru – Soul Can You Feel Me Part 3 (Mic Fiend Mix)
13. Reign Star feat. Tony Ozier – Me & U Part 2
14. Erykah Badu – Real Thang Part 2 (Rusic Twist Mix)