Øyvind Morken – Left Foot Forward Mix


Solid sender from Norway’s Øyvind Morken via Cool In The Pool.

I had just bought myself a new mixer, and I had been out drinking with some friends on a hot summer night. Couldn’t sleep when I got home, so i record myself playing some music.” – Øyvind Morken

1) Rotary Connection – i am the black gold of the sun
2) Timmy Thomas – why can we live toghether (Pressure Drop)
3) Pete Rock – standard
4) Q-Tip – moving with you
5) Frontera & Sophie Barker – a baia
6) Hipnotic – are you lonely
7) Chok Rock – buzz
8) Jimmy Edgar – hold it, atatch it, connect it.
9) Jimi Tenor – muchmo
10) Luke Vibert – meatabix
11) Rollmottle – take a break (Maurice Fulton mix)
12) Tom Browne – rockin radio
13) Popular Peoples Front – unknown
14) Karen Young – deetour