Neut presents Analogue Activist


Analogue Activist mixed by the coastal beat junkie, neut at the timbre mill, June 2009. Graff by La Mano. Thanks to graham at spoken.  more info

“new mix peeps.  somethin a little different from a chilly weekend in oz.  enjoy, and beware, this ones a speaker blower…” – Neut

01 Matt Kelly ‘untitled 7’
02 Various Production ‘warchild’
03 Mr Oizo ‘analog worms attack’ + Various Production ‘robot dialogue outro’
04 Two Fingers feat Sway ‘not perfect’
05 Paul White ‘hustle’
06 Tobacco ‘street trash’
07 Megasoid ‘threesix whorunit instr’
08 Starkey ‘creature’
09 Joker & Ginz ‘reup’
10 Jamie Vex’d ‘radiant industry’
11 Starkey ‘gutter music (vip)’
12 Megasoid ‘crimemob stilettos massif instr’
13 Gravious ‘vultures’
14 Joker ‘solid state’
15 Joker ‘untitled_rsn’
16 Scuba ‘twitch (Jamie Vex’d remix)’
17 Joker ‘psychedelic runway’
18 DJ Scotch Egg ‘scotch stoner’
19 Panda Bear ‘i’m not (Phaseone remix)’
20 Disrupt ‘love on’
21 Danny Breaks ‘the sound’
22 Computer Jay ‘distance’
23 Hermitude ’44 gallons’
24 Fulgeance ‘rubiscube’
25 Amon Tobin ‘delpher’