Dee Jay Pee Play presents Rainless Winter


Dee Jay Pee Play was sweatin’ on this mix. He needn’t have bothered…it’s a pearler. Taken from Modyfier.

“All the normal boundaries and rules I force upon myself when making a mix flew out the window about day 5 of trying to record. Eventually all the focus was about getting the boulder up the hill and nothing else. I no longer pontificated on whether a track “had a shelf life” or whether a fellow geek would frown upon the popularity of a song. All I could focus on was achieving perfection, a flawless live session, a surgically performed transition that would cut away the blemishes of my current state of being. Records jumped into the bag, others scurried away quickly, their heads covered to protect them from the falling sky. Finally a consensus was reached, everyone got along, a blueprint was drafted and it was time to get back to building.” – Dee Jay Pee Play

01. Rememory Screen by Timonium
02. My Volcano by Valet
03. Work by Junior Boys
04. Song For Marie And Elise (Aeroplane Remix) by Lullabies In The Dark
05. Differente by Gotan Project
06. Lookosphere (Whignomy Brothers Rollmops Rework) by Kreon y Lemos
07. La Fotographia by Alex Neri and Luca Bacchetti
08. Blissout (Soft Thing Remix) by Lemonade
09. Bernard by Swimming Pool
10. Stokes Croft 5AM by Bass Clef
11. Prima Materia (abort mix) by Alex Smoke
12. Tanto Tempo (Remixed by Peter Kruder) by Bebel Gilberto
13. Ever After (Afterlife Remix) by Seek
14. M Train to Brooklyn by Loco Dice
15. How Do I Let Go? by Dennis Ferrer feat. K. T. Brooks
16. Wild Spaghetti by Lanoiraude
17. Boogie No More (Reverso 68 Remix) by Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias
18. Tripple Chrome Dipped by Michna
19. Refuge by Oi Va Voi