DJ Synflood presents Far Out In Space


A great, great mix made by DJ Synflood for the hip beards over at Mondayjazz.

“You can say that the core of this weeks Mondayjazz mix is based around three cities. Berlin – from the first seconds, which welcomes with kraftwerkish rithms it’s possible to guess that author of this compilation Dj Synflood rezides in this city. In recent years Berlin is some what of a dictator in european electronic dance music tendencies. So those tendencies in many ways are reflected in this mix. Detroit – influence from detroit techno and soul school‘s traditions is also big. What about detroit techno, this mix shows quite interesting time circle. Back in the days born from disco, funk, soul and other black music, that was ruling the city, today detroit techno influences new soul music great deal. Also when talking about Detroit you shouldn‘t forget keywords like Motown or J Dilla… London – another generator of musical streams, in MJ mix Nr. 80 erupts with big dose of dubstep aesthetics. So if you blend together all those influeces and add some spices like lecture about life and religion in the middle of the mix, raucous voice of lost MF Doom or very unexpected attitude to Lil Wayne‘s hit we will get a bakery similiar to this MJ mix. By the way, a little warning – some parts of the mix are better in the early Saturday morning than in the late Monday afternoon…” – Rokas (Monday Jazz)

01. James Pants – Cristal Lite (Instrumental)
02. James Pants – Technopop ft. Baron Zen and DJ Bunny
03. Madvillain – Boulder Holder
04. Erik Rico – Faster
05. Tangle Eys – Out The Bag
06. AS1 – Basslines
07. Karizma – Groove A ‘K’ Ordingly
08. Zomby – Spaceman
09. Shed – Slow Motion Replay
10. AGF – Letters Make No Meaning (Weapons No War Germs No Disease)
11. Future – So I Had To Leave Religon
12. Shut Up And Dance – Epileptic (Martyn’s No Strobe Mix)
13. Siah & Yeshua Dapoed – It’s Good For Your Health
14. Kissey Asplund – Snowfall
15. Reggie B – We R Here (Super Smoky Soul Re-Edit)
16. Kissey Asplund – Silverlake
17. Lil Wayne – A Milli (Flying Lotus’ Robo Tussin Remix)
18. Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician – Soundgirl Personal
19. Coultrain – The Wanderer
20. TRG – Move Dis
21. Count Bass D – I’ll Always Stay
22. Fantastic Planet & Jneiro Jarel – Earth Without A Soul
23. Dam Funk – Chocolate
24. 14kt – The D Light In You
25. Reggie B – Prophetic Youth (Morgan Zarate Remix)
26. Kissey Asplund – 99 Bottles (ft. Stuff Daddy + Bless 1)