Elaquent presents In Colour Vol 3

In Colour Vol 3 Front Cover (by Varan)

“Elaquent, an extremely slept on producer from Toronto, Canada, has just released the 3rd installment if his In Colour series. Full of rich and illusory foundations wrapped in blankets of jazz, Elaquent has a knack for uplifting a listener with his sounds. If you haven’t already, make sure to peep Elaquent’s After Midnight album, which can be downloaded for free on the sidebar of this very blog (look for the electric blue album with the afro lady on the cover).” – via The Urban Kerouac

01 – Everything (Sepia)
02 – Missing Link (Amber)
03 – Bonus Level Swing (Ivory)
04 – Ronin Code (Xanadu)
05 – Neon Glow (Turquoise)
06 – Pixelated Mess (Taupe)
07 – Are You There? (Peach)
08 – Twighlight Afternoon (Baby Blue)
09 – Another Day (Crimson)
10 – Above and Beyond (Teal)
11 – Probably (Saffire)
12 – Flyy (Magnolia)
13 – Journey to Marseille (Olive)
14 – Robotnik (Periwinkle)
15 – Bread Crumbs (Jade)
16 – Settin the Pace ft On5Th Coalition & Self Lion [BONUS]
17 – On My Way ft Solar C [BONUS]
18 – Steezneez ft Trakz [BONUS]

LINK: Elaquent- In Colour Vol. 3