Bos Bos presents Ghost Bos: The Mind Bridge


Another great set from Bos Bos (I posted awicked dubstep set by him some time ago). Here’s his tribute to the retro-futuristic Ghost Box label. I only discovered The Advisory Circle for the first time this year, and loved their stuff greatly. Trust me, this mix is a real treat.

“Over the past half a decade or so, the Ghost Box label has quietly been carving a path into the strangest of musical territory. Reminiscent of the sounds found in hoary educational school films, or creepy eighties BBC shows like Chocky, much of the label’s output readily falls into the self-imposed genre known as ‘Hauntology’. Throw in some carefully inspired artwork by prominent graphic designer (and label founder) Julian House, and the authentic sense of nostalgia is complete. The Mind Bridge is a culmination of the twisted minds who frequent the GB roster, such as The Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly, The Focus Group and so on. Step into the other world of Ghost Box – and you may never return quite the same again.” – Bos