Box Set Go presents Dreamstates and Soundscapes Vol 2

G Magill over at Box Set Go tries his hand at a post rock slanted set for your moody listening pleasure.

“Over the winter months I found myself listening to more and more Post Rock music. Since the 90s I have been a fan of the genre though I find that I flit in and out of listening to it. As a genre it invokes memories of winter probably better than any other, just listening to it seems to give everything an almost epic quality – if you don’t believe me then go into a shop and buy a pint of milk with your headphones playing Explosions in the Sky – you get the feeling that it’s the last pint of milk on the planet and that no this is possibly the most important task of your entire life.

Hopefully, this series will serve as a great beginners guide to the post-rock genre, all the tracks are personal favourites of mine and I hope some of you will give them a chance to enrich your listening experience.

I do not claim to be extremely knowledge in this genre, and a quick browse round the blogosphere will highlight a million other people more learned that myself (though this is probably true for every genre) but I did do a little research…” – G Magill

01. Fordlandia – Johann Johannsson
02. Kleiner Saal – Condre Scr
03. Destroy All Dreamers – Destroyalldreamers
04. Aass – Aerial M
05. New Years End – God Is An Astronaut
06. White Light Of – Do Make Think Say
07. Seoul – Amiina
08. First Breath After A Coma – Explosions In The Sky
09. It’s Like A Genius Wearing A Leopard Skin – AristeiA
10. Untitled #1 – Ólafur Arnalds