Take The Pills present Mix!


Sorry for the lack of posts lately – time gets away from all of us sometimes, I guess.

Due to the popularity of the 3 Volume pop post I made recently (scroll on down), here’s another snappy comp from the unashamedly twee kids over at Take The Pills!, who unearth the finest pure pop from around the world’s brightest corners.

1. How Many Beans Make Five – Another Friendly Face
2. Talulah Gosh – Steaming Train
3. Skypark – Morse Code
4. The Moss Poles – Underground
5. The Headmen – Reach The Sky
6. The Rain – These Feelings Will Pass
7. Man from Delmonte – Take Me to the Country
8. The Popguns – A Miserable Boy
9. The Pastels – Nothing To Be Done
10. Orange Juice – Three Cheers For Our Side
11. The Gits (UK) – Happy Song
12. Go! Service – I Just Don’t Know
13. Feverfew – Answered Prayer
14. Saturn V – Hour Of Pure Sorrow
15. Easy – In Black And White
16. The Lucy Show – Melody
17. The Wind – I Am The Garden
18. Comet Gain – If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life
19. Springfields – Tomorrow Ends Today
20. The Tyde – Improper
21. Beulah – If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart