Crimea X presents Seaside Resort 2


Take some 80’s darkpop, a touch of ambience, soundtrack inspired passages and even some soul from Bill Withers, and you have this great set from Crimea X.

“Crimea X is the coming together of two offbeat, disparate characters – DJ Rocca (Ajello/Maffia Sound System) and Jukka Reverberi from Giardini di Miro, brought together for their common passion for cosmic, imaginary soundscapes where Krautrock fuses with the predilection for Marxist thought and political stories of the last century. The end product is a tantalising myriad of musical styles and tongue in cheek ethos, satirising the socio-political climate of our modern era.” (via Cosmic Disco)

Crimea X – December
Brian Eno – No One Receiving
China – China
Leda – Future
Michael Bundt – The Brain of Oscar Panizza
23 Skidoo – Tearing Up The Planes
Riccardo Cioni – Fog
B-52’s – Deep Sleep
Simple Minds – League of Nations
Andy Summers and Robert Fripp – Train (Wrong Speed)
Sky – Westway
Koto – Chinese Revenge (Dub Version)
Bill Withers – You Got The Stuff
Sandy Steele – Mind Your Own Business
Axxess – Dancing Shadow