Leonid presents A Deep Techno Mix


A truly wonderful mix of techno sounds from some of the genre’s best visionaries courtesy of Mundo Urbano and mixed by Leonid.

1.Fatima Yamaha – “A girl between two worlds ep” (D1 Recordings)
2.STL – “To ya ear” (Something Records)
3.Seebo – “Watamu Beach” / Moritz von Ozwald remix (Desolat)
4.Carl Craig – “Sandstorms” (Planet E)
5.Move D – “like i was king” / Black Label Mix (Compost Black Label)
6.Lerosa – “One year friends” (Enclave Records)
7.STL – “Moonwalk” (Something Records)
8.Behind the Dancefloor – Marvin Dash (Out to Lunch)
9.David Caron – “Dreamshower” (Eevolute Records)
10.Soda – “Pannini” (Italic)
11.Soylent Green – “After All” (Playhouse)
12.Dimension 5 – “Space Travel” (Delsin)
13.Visitor – “Stop the music” (D1 Recordings)
14. Omar S – “F.O.E.” (FHXE)
15.Optimus Prime – “Jimmin around” (Mosaic)
16.Move D – no title (Workshop 001)
17.Telepaticos – “Carpe Sativa” (Enclave Records)