GEIN presents: Bad Chemistry Sessions Volume 1

The self described “evilist muthafukkas you ever met in yo life” bring forth the Drum & Bass fury on this, their latest podcast.

From the outfit’s myspace page: GEIN, appropriately named after the Plainfield Wisconsin pyscho Edward. Gein, consists of The Butcher (formerly of Defiant), Abel and Saint (founder of Habit Recordings). Formed in early 2004, the crew linked up when Butcher moved from Los Angeles to Milwaukee, joining Saint and Abel to create one of the most twisted group of producers out there today.

GEIN’s sound can have a variety of “labels”, but BRUTAL comes to mind when most come to describe the demented beats that are forged in the lab.

“Since the last Skinsuit Sessions mix, we have been holding back to bring you a new mix with a lot of our forthcoming material. It contains a lot of the forthcoming Bad Chemistry Recordings material, plus tracks we have done for other labels as well as stuff we have been supporting. We hope you enjoy.” – Gein

Bad Chemistry Intro
Counterstrike and Kathrsys – “Into Illusion” (Counterstrike Recordings)
Nanotek – “Behemoth” (Tech Itch Recordings)
Counterstrike and Nanotek – “The Blackness” (Counterstrike Recordings)
Kemal – “Hostile” (LOD VIP) (Never Ever Ever Will Be Released)
GEIN – “Bad Chemistry” (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
Spktrm and Darkcube – “Untitled” (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
Ewun and Demo – “Tek Jam” (???)
Limewax – “Everything” (Tech Itch VIP) (Tech Freaks Recordings)
GEIN – “Telepathy” (Current Value Rmx) (Habit Recordings)
GEIN and Nanotek – “The Master” (Guerilla Recordings)
GEIN and The Chosen – “Obey” (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
Kathrsys – “Guidance” (Sinuous Recordings)
Spl and Eye-D – “Another Realm” (Lost Soul Recordings)
GEIN and Mayhem – “Ghetto Dope” (Human Imprint)
Spl – “Angels” (Lost Soul Recordings)
Silent Killer feat. Breaker – “Supremecy Bleeds” (Counterstrike Duo Mash Up) (Ohm Resistance)
Counterstrike and Thought – “Floodgate” (Counterstrike Recordings)
Spl – “Crushed” (Audio Rmx) (Habit Recordings)
GEIN and Tech Itch feat. Mc Jakes – “Killsound” (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
GEIN feat. Biolysis – “Fear” (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
GEIN, Silent Killer and Breaker – “6 Feet” (Human Imprint)