Cool In The Pool presents Stu Robinson’s Cosmic Boogie Mix


Great mix of funky edits and such from Cosmic Boogie’s Stu Robinson. Pilfered from those in the know over at Cool In The Pool.

What kind of music is the collective into?

“Groove based music I suppose. I dont really know much about when one genre ends and another one begins. I suppose if i had to think about it off the cuff I would say Disco, Funk, Boogie, Soul, Jazz Funk, Rare Groove…and so on…however, there are so many tracks that fit into all those genres, I can never really tell what’s what. Not being a part of the original rare groove scene, for example, I dont know if a track is rare groove or disco, or probably even jazz funk. What I would say is that I pretty much like anything that is good, but I probably lean more to a black American funk sound than a European or Italo based sound. I was a drum and bass DJ for about 10 years as well
so I love breakbeats, bass and percussion – in fact, I’d say that percussion and bass are the most important things in a track for me. Have a listen to any of the mixes on the site and you would get a good idea of the overall sound I am into, although it moves around a lot. There are some genres i dont fully understand – trance, haircut electro and i’m probably also not the biggest house music fan on the earth either. However, I try not to close myself off to anything. I asked Theo Parrish last year if there was any genre of music he doesn’t get something from and he said every scene, every genre, every vibe has something you can pick up and learn from – so who am I to argue”. – CITP Interview excerpt

Gaz Nevada / I.C. Love Affair – ZYX Records
The Emperor Machine / Kananana – DC Recordings
Tensnake / Holding Back My Love – Running Back
Candi Statton / Listen… (Fat Camp Edit) – PPF
Do It / Out In The Sticks – Disco Deviance
The Popular Peoples Front / Cellophane Lover – PPF
Brooklyn Express / Change Position 88 – Unidisc
Dorothys Fortress / Milo’s Revenge – Destroy All Planets
DT Edit / Make Em Move – CDR
Feels Good (You Got The Love) (Cosmic Boogie goes to New Brighton Edit) – Disco Deviance
International Music Machine / Run Away
MikeBurns / Galaktattakk – Disco Devil