I.C.O.O.Y.S presents The Bristol Sound of the 90’s


The veritable melting pot that was Bristol in the early 90’s gave birth to some incredible artists, the effects of which can still be felt today via dubstep, hip hop  and cosmic beats. Emerging out of the sound system parties put on by The Wild Bunch (nee Massive Attack) and Jazzie B (Soul II Soul), DJ’s and performers such as Smith & Mighty, More Rockers (later Rockers Hi Fi) and many more underground talents flourished and gave birth the a sound that was distinctly British, melded with the Jamaican roots that birthed the scene in the first place.

Here’s a great overview of the early years, as well as a divergence into the sound that emerged in the late 90’s (drum and bass etc) mixed by Smith & Mighty and via the incredible blog It’s Coming Out Of Your Speaker.

Smith & Mighty – Essential Mix 11 – 24 – 96 – Part 1
Massive Attack – Any Love (Massive Attack)
Smith & Mighty – Walk On (Three Stripe)
McKelz Smith & Mighty – Mix me Down Maestro (Three Stripe)
The General – The Time To Rhyme (FFRR)
Fresh 4 – Wishing On A Star (Ten)
Smith & Mighty – Anyone (Three Stripe)
Receiver – Irrational (Swarf Finger)
The Wild Bunch – The Look Of Love (4th & Broadway)
Smith & Mighty with McKelz & Tammy Payne – Seeds (White Label)
Wilks – A & R Man (White Label)
Dub Ghecko – Love To The Power Of Each (Dub Head)
Dub Ghecko – Love To The Power Of Each (Dub Head)
Smith & Mighty – Killa (FFRR)
Blue & Red/ Freddie – Blessed (Acetate Pressing)
Blue & Red – Unity (Acetate Pressing)
Blue & Red/ K.Oil – Don Anything (Acetate Pressing)
Tamlins – Baltimore Remix 2 (Acetate Pressing)
Tamlins – Baltimore Remix 3 (Acetate Pressing)
Smith & Mighty – Heavens In (Acetate Pressing)
Bally Sagoo – Ghuraliya (Columbia)
Virginity – Rainbows (More Rockers)
Flyn & Flora – New World (White Label)
Jazklash – Off The Edge (White Label)
Jazklash – BQE (White Label)
Smith & Mighty – Same (More Rockers)
Smith & Mighty – Higher (More Rockers)
More Rockers – Another Day (More Rockers)
More Rockers – Sound Boy (More Rockers)
More Rockers – Show Love (Acetate)

Smith & Mighty – Essential Mix 11 – 24 – 96 – Part 2
More Rockers – 162 (Acetate)
More Rockers- Nightfall (More Rockers)
More Rockers – First Time (More Rockers)
More Rockers – Frush (Acetate)
More Rockers – Das Ya One (More Rockers)
More Rockers – 1 2 3 Break (More Rockers)
Silent Poets – Talk Is Toy (Acetate)
Jazklash – Than The Haze (Acetate)
More Rockers – Bibo (Acetate)
More Rockers – Cure (Acetate)
smith & mighty – Down In Rwanda (More Rockers)
Flyn & Flora – Bass Speaker (White Label)

LINK – Part 1
LINK – Part 2

Rockers Hi-Fi: Live on Back To The Basics, 1997

Rockers Hi Fi – “Xmas-Intro” (Different Drummer)
Primal Scream – “Vanishing Dub” (Creation)
The Angel – “Strange Times” (Om Records)
Organic Synthetic – “Space Walkin'” (Funk 21)
Omni Trio – “Sanctuary (Original Mix)” (Moving Shadow 1997)
Coast – “Shield” (Pepper)
pHrack R – “Yardstick” (Fused & Bruised)
Shantel – “Hey Girl” (No Info)
George D. Geckeler, M.D. Coupling – “No Info” (Philips)
Rhythm & Sound – “Music A Fe Rule” (Rhythm & Sound 1997)
DJ Bigfoot – “Hello” (Covert)
Scuba – “No Info” (No Info)
DJ Wally & DJ Swingsett – “Hungry In The Abstract” (Ubiquity 1997)
Tekware – “Nostalgia” (Grand Larcency)