D*ruffalo presents Shooting Stars Never Stop


Massive 4hr mix exploring the production genius of  Trevor Horn from the good folks at D*ruffalo Online Magazine.

Horn has shaped the sound of bands from within and as an outsider, and the list is huge – ABC, The Buggles, The Art Of Noise, Seal, Cher, Grace Jones, Seal, Propaganda, Tina Turner, Lisa Stansfield, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, Eros Ramazzotti, Mike Oldfield, Marc Almond, Charlotte Church, t.A.T.u, LeAnn Rimes, and Belle & Sebastian.

“If the D.H.S. or any other member of D*ruffalo should drop whilst in the club from contamination, put them outside, but remember to tag them first for identification purposes. Ours is the last mix that you will ever hear. Do not be alarmed.”