DJ Wrongtom presents Mysterious Disco Mix


Wrongtom’s mixtapes are always welcome here at Meatskull. Seems he’s garnered quite a following worldwide for his quality selections of sounds obscure and always funky – even showing off with some post-punk disco junk on this mix. Caught this set over at Out Of Control Robots.

1. (Intro) Pig Bag “The Back Side” (Y)
2. Orestt “Homies” (Everlast)
3. Peter Brown “Burning Love Breakdown” (Drive)
4. Drrty Haze “We See Everything” (Tirk)
5. Simphonia “It Aint Right What You Do (Accadrumdubella)” (Atlantic)
6. Hard-Fi “Suburban Knights (Dj Wrongtom’s Delight)” (Atlantic)
7. Baldelli &Dionigi “Dyprion” (Gomma)
8. Bell X1 “Flame (Chicken Lips Dub Deluxe)” (Island)
9. Ingram “Dj Delight” (Streetwave)
10. Kasso “Dancing On The Beach” (Banana)
11. Lindstrom “Let’s Practice (Dub)” (Feedelity)
12. Konk “Uptown Breakdown” (Celluloid)
13. Konk “Master Cylinder Jam” (Celluloid)
14. Grace Jones “Nipple To The Bottle” (Island)
15. James White & The Blacks “Irresistible Impulse” (Animal)
16. (Outro) Anthony Braxton “(840M)/Realise” (Delmark)