Gel-Sol presents Prog Rock Companion Volume VIII


Some psydeways killers here from Gel-Sol entering a world of silly hats, liquid solos and jazzy interludes for days. It’s prog kids, but not as we gnome it.

Mad Puppert’s Laugh – Goblin
We Are Crazy – M. Frog Labat
Der Losverkaufer – Panta Rhei
Il Sieco – Quella Vecchia Locanda
Death Dies – Goblin
Missing Link – Supersister
Silvia – Focus
Harold the Barrel – Genesis
The American Metaphysical Circus – The United States of America
The Whirlpool – Kingdom Come
2nd Movement – Clearlight Symphony
Time and Space – Bo Hansson
ESP – Lucifer (Mort Garson)
Turtles Have Short Legs – Can
Welch Ein Unfall – Uschi Bruening
Moving theme – Moving Gelatine Plates
Tropical Hot Dog Night – Captain Beefheart
Nocturnal Voice – Aunt Mary
Looking On – The Move
Anasazi Noodle – Silver Apples
Little Neutrino – Klaatu
Sunset in he Golden Horn – Mogollar
Flight – Pulsar
Face the Crowd – Demian
Drag Dilemma – Nine Days Wonder
Strada – Ibis
Borne on the Solar Wind – Jade Warrior
Funny Ways – Gentle Giant
Mad Puppert’s Laugh – Goblin