Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol 36


The second mix from me tonight. From the jazzy 60’s jamming of Randy California and his band Spirit, to the heady constructed samples of Jay Bahardia and running the whole musical gammit inbetween. It’s yet another Another Angle! – Meatskull

Spirit – Fog
The Parasails – Skylife 7
The Laughing Windows – Southern Lights
Kerogen – Hope
Buddy Peace – Austen Funeral Stress Tapes
Belove – Paintbrush Fingers
Sorcerer – Raydio (Play It)
Rachel Grimes – She Was Here
Neil Young (with CSN) – Country Girl
Biosphere – Poa Alpina
Childs – Oliver
Sukh Knight – Faith
Dub 1 – Trafficante
10-20 – Hallow
We Are The Arm – So Intelligent
The American Analogue Set – A Good Friend Is Always Around
Tor Lundvall – Dark Roads
The Clientele – I Know I’ll See Your Face
LV feat. Dandelion – CCTV
Jay Bahardia – Un Beau Jour