Phillip B. Klingler presents Jim O’Rourke Mixtapes from 1989


PBK recently posted these personal mixtapes made for him by a young Jim O’Rourke. It’s not often you get to hear an artists influences in such a direct manner, so these are pretty special.

“”Rummaging through boxes I came across two mixtapes sent to me by Jim O’Rourke in 1989. At the time, Jim was an eager 19 year old music student at DePaul University. He also performed and recorded in my friend Dan Burke’s industrial music project: Illusion Of Safety.

Jim would call me on the phone every week or two when I lived in California. We had many conversations about music, discussing different genres/composers and he’d send mixtapes and cd’s for me to hear some of the things he’d been listening to. He was a huge fan of Van Dyke Parks’ 1968 LP, “Song Cycle“. He was also very excited, at the time, about Godflesh who appear on the C-60 tape here. He sent me Godflesh’sStreetcleaner” cd and compared them to “Red”-era King Crimson.

We were quite close for a couple of years. He contributed a beautiful solo track to my “Assemblage” comp. tape in 1990. Later he even asked to produce an album for me, but I declined, mainly because I couldn’t see what role a “producer” would play in creating one of my albums.

O’Rourke sent me several mixtapes of electroacoustic music, below are the playlists and links for two of these, they give some insight into his listening tastes in the late 80’s, long before he worked with Faust, Wilco or Sonic Youth. There’s a lot of great stuff on these tapes. The Parmegianni and Bayle tracks are absolutely awesome. The Paul Dolden compositions are impressive, his compositional method is, apparently, quite rigorous as he uses up to 400 overdubs to achieve his massive sounds. The Robert Ashley track, with it’s psycho-sexual overtones, is unique and haunting. Enjoy these in typical mixtape style, with no track separation!” – PBK via The Sound Genetic

Tape One, Chrome C-60:
A1 Olivier Messiaen-Liturgie de Cristal From Quartet For The End Of Time
A2 Olivier Messiaen-Louange a l’eternite de Jesus From Quartet For The End Of Time
A3 Luigi Nono-A Pierre dell ‘Azzuro Silencio for Bass Flute & Bass Clarinet with Live Processing
A4 Robert Ashley-Purposeful Lady In Slow Afternoon

B1 Mauricio Kagel-Musi for Lupforchester 1971
B2 Giancinto Scelsi-Pt IV of Quattro Pezzi for Orchestra 1959
B3 Godflesh-Christbait Rising
B4 Godflesh-Pulp
B5 Luc Ferrari-Und So Weiter for Piano & Tape
B6 F.B. Mache-Terre De Feu 1963

Tape Two, Chrome C-100:
A1 Bernard Parmegianni-La Roue Farris 1971
A2 Jaques LeJeune-Deux Apercus Du Jardin Qui S’eville 1983
A3 Ivo Malec-Reflets 1961
A4 Phillipe Mion-Soupcon Delise 1980
A5 Francois Bayle-Toupie Dans Le Ciel 1979
A6 Pierre Henry-Divinites Paisibles from Le Voyage 1962
A7 Bernard Cavana-Goutte D’or Blues 1985 (from Musiques Contemporaines pour Saxophones on Adda, France)

B1 Paul Dolden-Below The Walls Of Jericho (’88/’89)
B2 Paul Dolden-In The Natural Doorway I Crouch (’86/’87)
B3 Paul Dolden-Caught In An Octagon of Unaccustomed Light (’87/’88)

LINK Part 1

LINK Part 2