The Tongue…Is Dead Mixtape


Ridiculously talented young Australian hip hop exponent Tongue returns with a brand new mixtape showcasing his wry observations and sense of humour. Joined by a cast of fellow mic rockers, beatsmiths and deckhands on “Is Dead”, the Elefant Traks artiste delivers his usual high standard product – all for free. Meatskull recommended!

1. The Funeral
2. Can It Be? ft Joyride
3. Crazy ft Joyride
4. Let Us Live ft Jane Tyrrell
5. MVP
6. Hate Waiting ft Blades
7. DJ Skoob Interlude
8. Universal Mind Control
9. Terrorist Hotline
10. Run ft Dazastah
11. Ghost
12. Imagine ft Ozi Batla and Joyride
13. Sunday
14. Urthboy’s Eulogy
15. Heaven/Outro