DJ Corrado presents Kankick The Funky Asthmatic

French DJ Corrado teams up with Hip Hop Core to showcase on of the scene’s most solid senders and all round headfunker, Kankick. He first came to my attention via his association with the Stones Throw label and has since impressed with a rather prolific output of studio recordings and bedroom beat tapes since. Some great collaborators on this set too. Kankick’s the shit, yo.

01. Intro
02. The Finer Things (feat. Dr Oop)
03. Sex Rhyme (feat. Declaime & Poppy of Mad Men)
04. Toast To The Boogie (feat. Declaime & Poppy of Mad Men)
05. Delta Force
06. Just Methods (feat. Montage One)
07. Hot (feat. Miki Vale)
08. As Live As It Gets (feat. Medaphoar & Oh No)
09. It’s As Simple As It Gets (feat. God’s Gift)
10. Yes Yes (feat. Miki Vale)
11. Shit Ain’t Right (feat. Declaime)
12. Malibu (feat. Mystery’s Extinction)
13. Love Hardcore (Underground) (feat. Declaime)
14. A Sight For Song Eyes (feat. Visionaries)
15. I Come Real With This (feat. Lootpack)
16. The Apocalypse (feat. The Infamous MC)
17. The 900’s (feat. Kubiq & Shake)
18. Same Ol Similar
19. On The Lookout (feat. Kombo & Wildchild)
20. Don’t Fight That (feat. Krondon, Montage One, Phil Da Agony & Planet Asia)
21. Method Man Remix