Bleeding Panda presents Soundtrack For Naked Runners

“Filled with french perverse 70’s LSD funk, some monstrous jazz + samba flipouts, several cult and very influental songs mixed with ridicule of The Beatles and the non-existent hippie-parody Dewey Cox himself.

This small collection went through some big changes over time. At first, I made it the most obvious way – indie experiments with japanese and NY noise bands (OOIOO, Optimo, Pullsallama etc.) but that was simply to simple, raw and it was’nt “romantic” and humorous enough. So I basically shifted entirely from that direction into sex, retro, french, jazz, kinky, ridiculous direction and tried to make a sort of a “soundtrack” that is not that tough at rhythm but more into the freedom loving atmosphere of the swinging sex organs.

Standout tracks
, and maybe tracks that make this comp a must have (for those who never heard them before) are definitely: the gorgeous and life-fulfiling, jamming Andrew Bird’s Coney Island Shuffle, Janko Nilovic’s by far the best composition Xenos Cosmos from 1972 (the last 1 minute of the song is golden and the rest of his work is mostly crap), magickal Senor Coconut’s – Rydeen, of course Serge Gainsbourg’s cult classic Bonnie and Clyde, Sohail Rana’s Soul Sitar – a perverse take on bollywood humour (Guys from Ninja Tune label had lots of fun remixing this gem) and the infinite Piggies – spitting humour from The Beatles. Also, I should mention Marsha Hunt with her nipple shaking (Oh No! Not) The Beast Day, a strangely missed groovy 70’s funk club hit.” – Bleeding Panda

01 Medeski Martin & Wood – Pat A Cake (2008)
02 RJD2 – 1976
03 The Pinker Tones – L’Heros (2006)
04 Serge Gainsbourg – Bonnie and Clyde
05 Georges Garvarentz – Nues Dans L’eau (1970)
06 Sohail Rana – Soul Sitar (1970)
07 Marsha Hunt – The Beast Day (1973)
08 Paul McCartney – Coming Up (Thumbs Aloft Edit 2007) M
09 The Mystic Moods – Honey Trippin’ (1975)
10 The Delfonics – Funny Feeling (1971)
11 Os Mutantes – A Minha Menina M
12 Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire – Coney Island Shuffle (1999)
13 The Beatles – Piggies (1968)
14 Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story – Black Sheep (2007)
15 Der Dritte Raum – Swing Bop B (2008)
16 Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Rydeen (2008)
17 G. Bordonneau & DJ BNX – Ultra Bossa (2000)
18 Janko Nilovic – Xenos Cosmos (1972)
19 Funkadelic – Can You Get To That (1971)