Meatskull Presents Another Angle Vol 42

As hot as the weather, this week’s Another Angle brings the heat with some dubstep goodness from Eskmo and Untold remixed by James Blake. A real treat is the opening track which is my own edit of The Rectifiers, now featuring the world’s most infamously philandering golf fiend. Also, not one but two limited dub excursions from the wicked Freund Der Familie. Plus, new gear from Moodyman, MC Paul Barman and Black To Comm. Aw-riight!


The Rectifiers vs Pitch Bureau – Climate Control (Meatskull’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Mistress Mix)
Eskmo – Let Them Sing
Afxjim – The T in Tchina
Fila Brazillia – Lullaby Berkowitz
The Sammiches – She Called Me Heathcliff
The Ruby Suns – Tui You
Moody – Rectify
Slo Moshun – Bells Of NY (Summertime Mix)
MC Paul Barman – Circumcision Suite
Solo Andata – Among The Olive Trees
Dr. Robutnik – Kinda Pauly
Rappin’ 4-Tay – Playaz Club
Rockers Hi-Fi – Queen of the Ghetto (Ghetto Defendant)
Freund Der Familie – Symbian (Edit)
Freund Der Familie – Sark (Taron Trekka Remix)
Black To Comm – Trapez
Count Bass D – Fly Thyme
Untold – Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix)
The Sammiches – Lost Continent