Dreams In Audio presents Into The Fire: An African Mix

Spotted today over at the mighty King Megatrip spot comes this selection of African platters that you’re never going to find or hear anywhere else if not for Dreams In Audio – A Visual & Aural Mixtape blog that serves up the finest in Afrobeat, Brazilian, Afro-Latin, Funk etc.

“My first exposure to African music (and I think this is true for a lot of people) was Fela Kuti. His records regularly, albeit inaccurately, show up in funk bins and through the years I’ve obtained a bunch of his titles. Ignorantly, I thought that Fela Kuti was the end of the road for African music and it wasn’t until many years later that I realized Africa has one of the richest music histories; Kuti was just the gateway drug”….read more

Here’s the rares….

01. Bob Pinodo – Africa (from Show Master of Africa, 1978)
02. Uhuru Dance Band – Biribi (from The Sound of Africa, 1975)
03. Bunzu Soundz – Zinabu (from Bunzu Soundz, 1977)
04. Ogyatanaa – Akosua Manu (from Yerefrefre, 1975)
05. Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou – Minsatole Mi Dayi Homin (from Volume 1, 1972/1983)
06. Orchestre Picoby Band – Jo Ahi Nou Se (from Jo Ahi Nou Se/Vikoue 7?, 197?)
07. The Big Beats – Kyenkyema (from Kyenkyema/Mi Nsumoo Bo Donn 7?, 197?)
08. K Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas – Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu (from Self Titled, 1976)
09. Ebo Taylor – Heaven (from Self Titled, 1978)
10. Sweet Talks – Eyi Su Ngaangaa (from The Kusum Beat, 1976)
11. Dan Satch – Je Nr’okan (from Je Nr’okan/Woman Pin Down 7?, 1971)
12. Avolonto Honore – Na Mi Do Gbe Hue Nu (from La Mort N’a Pas De Date Fixe, 197?)
13. The Funkees – Break Through (from Break Through/Slipping Into Darkness 7?, 197?)
14. One World – I Need Your Help (from Victory, 197?)
15. The Apostles – Play Girl (from Self Titled, 197?)
16. SJOB Movement – You Only Live Once (from A Move in the Right Direction, 197?)
17. Thony Shorby Nwenyi – No Wrong Show (from Sweet Funk Music, 1978)
18. Akeeb Kareem – Tomorrow (from Blackman, 1972)