Washed Out presents Mixtape VII – The Fantastic Symphony

The Washed Out album was a lovely listen in 2009…dude really has that whole lo-fi “beach vibe thang” downpat. Here’s a very tasty lil mix he put together recently.

“It’s unclear what was imagined first – the band name, the music, or the artwork – but the entire Washed Out aesthetic coheres effortlessly to form a beautiful dream wave of eternal youth and endless Sunday afternoons. Nothing feels like an after thought, but equally, it doesn’t feel overly calculated either, blurred just enough around the edges to comfort like sunshine through a window. It’s fitting, then, that when we asked Ernest to make a mixtape based around his recent marriage, he instead chose to pop out a 20 minute soporific beauty designed to evoke one long continuous dream. Contrary, but yes, you guessed it, perfectly conceived.” – Via Platform

1. Arch M – “Bedrm Band at Caf NVA (edit)”
2. The Samps – “Magnetic Thys”
3. Samiyam – “Wrap Up”
4. Toro Y Moi – “Brubek”
5. Koushik – “Homage”
6. Osborne – “Afrika (Bullion Remix)”
7. Iasos – “Inter-Dimentional Music”
8. Jack Nitzsche – “Untitled (edit)”

9. The Khalsa String Band – “Song of Bliss”