Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol.43

Holy missing mix, Batman…Here’s Another Angle Vol.43 from a couple of weeks ago that I’d completely forgotten about posting. That is until I recieved a gentle reminder from my man J Oktopus. Better late than never, eh?

A perfect post Christmas mix, and a soothing remedy for a sore head on New Year’s Day, it contains headnodders, soul stirrers and heart breakers all in one tidy package. Enjoy, and Happy New Year to everybody. – Meatskull

Directorsound – Never Have I Seen
Victor Berman – The Lonely Tired Dance
Beneath Autumn Sky – She Walks With
J-88 – The Look Of Love (Soundguage Remix)
Eskmo – We Have Invisible Friends
Davy Graham – Sunny Moon For Two
Lau Nau – Ruususuu
Solid Doctor – Ninety One Champion
Dominik Eulberg – Der Judaskuss Des Sonnentaus
Brian Eno – Over Fire Island
Blockhead – Shoreditch Theme (Remix)
State River Widening – Desertesque
This Mortal Coil – You & Your Sister
Sleepy Town Manufacture – Fortnight
Geiom – Etiel
David Tagg – Untitled
Proem – Hope Is Great But We Need Caffeine
Silent Paper Radios – Holding Hands
Bunny Scott – Kinky Fly
Michna – Third Orbit
Worriedaboutsatan – History Is Made At Night
Karin Krog – Time To Go
Alan Hawkshaw – Convienience Shopping
Phelan Shepard – Weaving Song
Wunder – What I Know


Karin Krog – Time To Go