Underwater Peoples present Winter Review

Another wonderous sampler from the fabboo Underwater Peoples Stable via Chocolate Bobka.

“A quarter pound of green beans, six candy canes and enough beers consumed for my parents to reconsider “creating” me, I came home last night, the eve of the birth of the little baby Jesus, to find the Underwater Peoples Winter Review nestled in my cozy inbox. It was drapped in swaddling clothes…whatever the fuck those are.

In the spirit of giving, it is my pleasure to share this with you, fine citizens of the world, this wonderful compilation. Download it, upload it to your iPizzles, burn a CD, dub a tape, or, if your really cool, copy that shit to 8-track, you’ll be the only kid in America with an 8-track of, well, anything worth listening to. Enough of the bullshit, though, as there was lots of hard work put into this hand crafted Christmas gift for you. The UP crew, who is, like, hella International right now, doesn’t care if the economy left you delivering papers, they just want you to enjoy whats left of 2009, to roll into the next decade with the momentum of a freight train powered by a vat of Red Bull and an Intervention’s worth of crystal meth. Ok, maybe not the meth part, but the full force, straight on til morning vibe is still relevant. Like Sawyer said, 2010 is all about Love. And friends. Think about that while you aurally devour the Winter Review. Also think about how goddamn adorable the infant version of Michael Mimoun was (thats him on the gracing the album art). Goddamn that kid was/is a cutie pie. Hope Santa was good to you. Peace be with you.” – CB

1. Julian Lynch – Es’s
2. Pill Wonder – Restless
3. Ducktails – Apple Walk
4. Fluffy Lumbers – Adoration
5. Big Troubles – Former Selves
6. Andrew Cedermark – Ad Infinitum
7. Frat Dad – Totally Afraid
8. Dana Jewell – My T-Train Girl
9. Air Waves – Sweetness
10. Family Portrait – Killer Statements
11. Alex Bleeker – These Days
12. Mountain Man – Dog Song
13. Real Estate – Orchard
14. Rainbow Bridge – Rain Nair
15. Liam the Younger – Please See