Adventures Of The Sun – The Music Of Sun Ra

Prolific, enigmatic, mystical and holy – Sun Ra was the man. here’s a mix I spotted today over on The Stones Throw boards that looks mighty spacey indeed. get ready for take off.

Here’s a nice review on the album from the Rhythm Incursions blog:
“Regardless of what you might think of the current beat/instrumental hip hop movement, one of the most interesting things about it is just how well the whole thing lends itself to the reinterpretation of other genres and classics. It’s no surprise considering that reinterpretation has been a cornerstone of hip hop production since the beginning, when loops and breaks were getting chopped up. Today though the new generation of producers are taking things further thanks in no small part to the internet and modern technology allowing people to link together regardless of distance and make use of a wealth of recorded music.”
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Electric Egypt – the invisible spectrum
Ras G – jouful noise!!!
Space Monk – hello sun ra
Afro Bluu – all systems go
SoulJim – sun ra beat
Ichiro – mori
Movementss – cosmos
Powell – popcorn contact
Skipless – sometimes the universe speech
Samon Kawamura – antique black
Sauce – travel
SK.ILL – 5:49 in the a.m.
Blak Maul – china gate
Space Monk – majestic waves
Stevo – into the sun
Sudan Life – what i learned from le sony’r
Elaquent – calling planet earth
The Billion Dollar Quartet – sun ra project
Cozmos – one for the sun
Infinite Potentials – not like planet earth
SK.ILL – graveyard planet
-G-R-A-D-E- summer in paris
Ravage Beats 2012 – sun ra 2012 mix
Don Bo – anhk
Blunted Monks – lars vertoht de sun ra et
Samon Kawamura – imagination
Soul Kid – shine like the sun
Soul Jim – Moon Shoes
-G-R-A-D-E- – bad character
Dank Grooves – the final sun
Jomac – sun rawness
The Samurai – i am sun ra
Depakote – one for the sun
Sun Ra – space is the place (Live)