Kitkaliitto presents Themepark 1984 (OST)

I was completely bowled over by a track i heard this week from Finnish outfit Kitkalitto. The tune was Swamp, which is incidentely the name of their new ep. Have a listen to the ep on their Soundcloud.

“Kitkaliitto is a collaborative band of 3 friends from Helsinki –  Tommi Koskinen, Karl-Sergei and Juha Hilpas. Kitkaliitto has been very active creating music since forming in 2005. The amount of activity has given birth to vast amount of musical projects ranging from film music to theatre and performing arts and their catalogue actually consists now of hundreds of songs. The songs usually vary from genre to genre and most of the stuff is just waiting to be released.”

They’ve created a score for a film entitled Themepark 1984, a a philosophical mockumentary of North Korea. It takes an evolutionary view of the sad subject, and lightens it with dark and polemic humor. It was filmed during the 60th birthday of the Democratic Republic of Korea in September 2008. The film visits Pyongyang, the radio active spa hotel, Sinchan massacre museum with the worst anti-US propaganda ever seen, a themepark, the DMZ, and the massive Arirang stadium.

It also reviews the North Korean ideologies and its “Great Leaders”. Actual propaganda films were acquired from North Korea, and some footage is included in the documentary. The film is a travel documentary, informative documentary (e.g., food crisis and collapsed economy) and a humorous critique through the eyes of a Westerner (e.g, examining the Juche ideology). Beware: contains polemic ideas, and thought crimes.

Themepark 1984

1. Kim Pong
2. Brazil
3. Echoterrorist
4. Sigur Aureal
5. Kapteeni Dub
6. Iytuna
7. Muffinssit kohollaan
9. Lavash
10. WakeUp
11. Turbulence
12. Car Push Blues
13. Kim X